April 02, 2019


The California Regional League (CRL) Premier League Southern Division confirmed teams moving on to compete in the 2019-2020 Season. Below you will find the full list of teams automatically accepted to the season, based on age group.

Since 2014, the top Southern California teams join the CRL Premier League to match up against the toughest competition in the region. Once the CRL Premier League 2019-2020 Season crowns champions, teams in the 13U to 19/20U age groups advance to square off against the best in the West at the US Youth Soccer Far West Regionals, as well as earning a berth in the following year’s US Youth Soccer National League, a tournament that gives team’s the opportunity to go straight into the National Championship Series.

To register or for more information regarding the CRL Premier League Play-In Tournament, please e-mail info@californiaregionalleague.com. All team or player registrations and eligibility questions can be directed to administrativeservices@calsouth.com or by calling 714-778-2972.

Boys 2008/12U Albion SC B08 Academy 1- Yamazaki State Cup
Boys 2008/12U Bakersfield Legacy- 2008 Cervantes State Cup
Boys 2008/12U CDA FC Slammers- SA B08 Zaragoza State Cup
Boys 2008/12U Chula Vista FC B2008 State Cup
Boys 2008/12U LA Breaker B08 State Cup
Boys 2008/12U Milan SC 0549 01 B2008 Red State Cup
Boys 2008/12U Strikers FC- Irvine B2008 Chingirian State Cup
Boys 2008/12U Total Futbol Pre-Academy II State Cup
Girls 2008/12U Eagles Soccer Club- G2008 State Cup
Girls 2008/12U LAGSB 2008 Pre Academy State Cup
Girls 2008/12U LAGSD G08 Pre Academy Walker State Cup
Girls 2008/12U Legends FC G08 FC State Cup
Girls 2008/12U Legends FC G08 SGV State Cup
Girls 2008/12U Slammers FC G08 PA State Cup
Girls 2008/12U So Cal Blues 2008 Rennie Mulligan State Cup
Girls 2008/12U South Valley SC G08 White State Cup

Boys 2007/13U AC Brea- B07 Green CRL
Boys 2007/13U Ole CRL
Boys 2007/13U Strikers FC NM 2007 Pre-Academy Gomez CRL
Boys 2007/13U Eagles Soccer Club 2007 Boys B2007 CRL
Boys 2007/13U Boca OC B2007 White CRL
Boys 2007/13U FRAM B07-Ruiz CRL
Boys 2007/13U Pumas USA 0417 Kickers B2007 National Cup
Girls 2007/13U SD Surf Academy Girls Select 2007 CRL
Girls 2007/13U Legends FC G07 Pre-Academy CRL
Girls 2007/13U LAGSB 2007 Pre-Academy  CRL
Girls 2007/13U Slammers FC G07 PA/CB CRL
Girls 2007/13U So Cal Blues- 2007 Baker CRL
Girls 2007/13U Legends FC G07 Pre-Academy II CRL

Boys 2006/14U CPL Riverside City FC B06 Academy CRL
Boys 2006/14U Pumas USA 0417 01 Kickers B2006 CRL
Boys 2006/14U CDA FC Slammers HB 06 Canales Black CRL
Boys 2006/14U Central Coast Condors B06 CRL
Boys 2006/14U Rebels Soccer Club B06 Elite CRL
Boys 2006/14U LAGSB 2006 Elite CRL
Boys 2006/14U Worldwide Paramount FC National Cup
Boys 2006/14U Pateadores NCM B2006 Blue National Cup
Girls 2006/14U Legends FC G06 Pre-Academy CRL
Girls 2006/14U LAGSB 2006 DPL CRL
Girls 2006/14U SD Surf Academy Girls (Brookfield) 2006 CRL
Girls 2006/14U Albion SC G06 Academy-Whittaker CRL
Girls 2006/14U LAGSD G06 Pre Academy-Eckerlin CRL
Girls 2006/14U Real So Cal G06 Pre Academy I CRL
Girls 2006/14U OC Surf G06 DA Swanson National Cup

Boys 2005/15U LAUFA OC B05 Pre USSDA CRL
Boys 2005/15U Celtic Academy Harps B05 CRL
Boys 2005/15U Downtown SC South Bay B05 CRL
Boys 2005/15U Rebels Soccer Club B05 Elite CRL
Boys 2005/15U Pumas USA 0417-01 B2005 Gold CRL
Boys 2005/15U FC Premier B2005-Chavez Black CRL
Boys 2005/15U Imperial Valley United FC B2005 Green National Cup
Boys 2005/15U Barcelona California B2005 National Cup
Girls 2005/15U Arsenal FC G05 ECNL CRL
Girls 2005/15U Pateadores LA G2005 CRL
Girls 2005/15U San Diego SC G2005 Academy Navy CRL
Girls 2005/15U Legends FC G05 South CRL
Girls 2005/15U Strikers FC North G05 ECNL CRL
Girls 2005/15U LAGSB 2005 DPL CRL
Girls 2005/15U CDA FC Slammers-Cerritos G05 Segovia National Cup
Girls 2005/15U SoCal Academy G2005 Hazell National Cup

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