League Charter

The California Regional League Charter and Rules cover all CRL activities including the CRL Play-In Competition, CRL League Play and the CRL Showcase.

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Section 101. General
US Youth Soccer Region IV shall conduct annually a competition for its highest level of teams as provided in this charter. This competition shall be known as the "US Youth Soccer Region IV Regional League California Regional League" (referred to in this charter as "California Regional League" or “CRL”).

Section 102. California Regional League Commission
There is a California Regional League Commission (referred to in this charter as "CRL Commission"). The CRL Commission has authority for the administration of the CRL as provided by this charter.

Section 103. Size of CRL Commission
The CRL Commission will consist of eleven (11) members who are charged with representing the best interests of the CRL and its participating clubs, teams and players.

Section 104. Appointment of CRL Commission Members
The Cal South Director of Competition and Tournaments shall serve as the California Regional League Commissioner (referred to in this charter as "CRL Commissioner"). The CRL Commissioner shall be responsible for the administration of the CRL in accordance with this charter and the direction of the CRL Commission. The remainder of the CRL Commission shall be comprised as follows

• Cal North League Coordinator
• Cal South League Coordinator
• Technical Advisory Council

o Cal North Director of Coaching and three (3) Cal North Club Technical Director’s that are participants in the CRL
o Cal South Director of Coaching and three (3) Cal South Club Technical Director’s that are participants in the CRL

Section 105. Removal
CRL Commission members may be involuntarily removed by the CRL Commissioner for any conduct detrimental to the CRL. Trial Board action may deny any member from participating in any official capacity or as a member representative in the CRL.

Section 106. Duties of Officials and Members

-Shall act as "Ambassador" of the California Regional League
-Shall be responsible for successful oversight of the California Regional League
-Shall conduct and facilitate all California Regional League meetings
-Shall have general powers and duties required to manage the California Regional League
-Shall handle the financial administration of the California Regional League
-Shall have no affiliation with any member club
-Shall represent the California Regional League at all Regional and National Meetings


-Shall report to the CRL Commissioner
-Shall act as the League Coordinator for their respective geographic sub-division
-Shall handle the scheduling and operations of their respective geographic sub-division in concert with the CRL Commissioner
-Shall assist in all CRL communication and administration
-Shall have no affiliation with any member club
-Shall be present at California Regional League meetings


-Shall provide input to the CRL on all technical related matters
-Shall always operate in the best interests of the CRL
-Shall be present at California Regional League meetings

Section 107. Limitations on CRL Commission Members
No CRL Commission member can be a sitting Club President or a member of the US Youth Soccer Region IV Council.

Section 108. CRL Commission Member Term of Office
Except for the CRL Commissioner each CRL Commission member will serve for a two-year term. CRL Commission members may serve more than one term.


Section 201. General Authority
In addition to the specific powers detailed in other sections of this charter, the CRL Commission is vested with all necessary power and authority to manage, regulate, supervise, administer, and conduct the CRL.

Section 202. League Rules and Procedures
The CRL Commission will have authority, subject to the provisions of this charter, to promulgate all league rules, policies, and procedures reasonable and necessary for the administration and growth of the CRL. All league rules, policies and procedures must be in writing and available for inspection by coaches, teams, players, parents and others.

Section 203. Rules, Procedures, and Policies
Except as otherwise provided by section 307 of this charter, all proposed CRL rules, procedures and policies, and amendments to them, must be in writing, and must note an effective date after the rules have been approved by the CRL Commission. A copy of each CRL rule, procedure, policy, and amendment approved by the CRL Commission shall be distributed to the Region IV, Cal North and Cal South corporate offices.

Section 204. Support Groups and Personnel
The CRL Commission is authorized to establish various technical, advisory, and other specialized support groups and designate persons on either a permanent or an ad hoc basis to assist and advise in the operation of the CRL.

Section 205. Paid Staff Positions
In addition to the Cal South Director of Competition and Tournaments serving as the CRL Commissioner, the California Regional League will also require operations and logistical support to effectively run a high-level league that spans all of California. This support will come in the form of a Cal North League Coordinator and a Cal South League Coordinator both of which are part-time staff positions. From time to time, the CRL Commission may make recommendations to the CRL Commissioner about future CRL staffing needs and requirements

Section 206. Disputes, Discipline and Appeals
The CRL Commission is authorized to settle disputes which arise in the course of CRL play. The CRL Commission, in accordance with the disciplinary policies and procedures of California State Soccer Association-South, US Youth Soccer, and U.S. Soccer, will investigate and adjudicate all allegations of misconduct by teams, coaches, players or others involved in CRL operations and will impose an appropriate sanction for any violation found. When an appeal of a CRL Commission decision is authorized, the appeal will be made to the appropriate State Association Appeals Committee.


Section 301. CRL Commissioner General Responsibilities
The CRL Commissioner will be responsible for making sure that all responsibilities assigned to the CRL Commission by this charter are performed.

Section 302. Chain of Command
All CRL volunteers, committees, staff, and others accountable to the CRL Commission will report to the CRL Commissioner.

Section 303. Voting by CRL Commission Members at CRL Commission Meetings
Each CRL Commission member will have one vote on the CRL Commission. No proxy votes are allowed. Commission members must recuse themselves from voting on any issue that specifically renders a decision on their individual team and/or club, or a decision in which their team and/or club may be a benefactor of a rendered outcome.

Section 304. Formal Meetings
The CRL Commission shall hold quarterly formal meetings with one (1) of these being conducted as an in-person meeting. With the exception of the one (1) annual in-person meeting, any meeting of the CRL Commission may be held by teleconference, videoconference or other electronic transmission. Fifty-one percent (51%) of all eligible voting members are required for a quorum. An agenda must be provided to CRL Commission members at least five (5) days prior to the meeting. The CRL Commissioner may call additional formal meetings as necessary.

Section 305. Emergency Meetings
The CRL Commission may hold an emergency meeting with minimal notice as determined by the CRL Commissioner. Only matters needing immediate attention may be acted upon during an emergency meeting

Section 306. Emergency Decisions
The CRL Commission may meet by teleconference, videoconference or other electronic transmission, in order to reach agreement on matters that require expedient resolution. The decision will be placed on the agenda for the next formal meeting for ratification at that time. The CRL Commissioner or his/her designee may also poll individual CRL Commission members on an urgent matter via electronic transmission when necessary, provided each CRL Commission member was provided a chance to vote on the issue.


Section 401. Cal North, Cal South Memo of Understanding
Memorandum of Understanding

The following shall be considered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) by and between the California Youth Soccer Association (Cal North) and the California State Soccer Association – South (Cal South) for the purposes of operation and collaboration on the California Regional League (CRL).

The CRL represents a division of the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional League which provides two automatic placements to the Far West Regional Championships competition.

The CRL consists of two divisions, one in the south and one in the north. We agree as follows:

(1) Both Cal North and Cal South agree to operate their respective division of the CRL which includes all pricing, registration, financials, bracketing, scheduling, referee assignment, direct customer support of respective divisional teams and all administrative functions of the respective division and competition therein.
(2) Each division will operate all competition commensurate with the CRL rules which will be mutually amended to reflect the terms of this MOU.
(3) Each division (north and south) will offer competition in the U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 and U18 age groups for both boys and girls.
(4) Each respective division winner will receive the automatic Far West Regional Championship berth, so long as there is a minimum of six participating teams within the division. In the event any division falls below this minimum, the berth will be determined in a four-team playoff (2nd and 3rd from one division versus 1st and 2nd from the other division).
(5) Cal North and Cal South agree to commit to investing in an annual showcase event at no additional registration fee to the CRL participating teams who may opt-in for the opportunity to compete against their counterparts from the other CRL division and possibly other Regional League divisions. All details will be mutually agreed upon by both Cal North and Cal South and will be codified independently of this MOU.

Section 402. League Structure
The following provisions apply in regard to the teams and competition of the CRL:

(1) The CRL will have competition in the U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, and U-18 age groups, girls and boys in each respective sub-division (Cal North and Cal South).
(2) Consistent with these requirements, the CRL Commission will have authority to structure the CRL, to divide it into various divisions, to assign teams to those divisions, to provide for the qualification requirements of teams into the CRL and to designate the CRL seasons and team schedules, and to establish and enforce rules for team participation eligibility.
(3) The CRL may not schedule games that conflict with Region IV ODP Championships for gender age groups participating in those events.

Section 403. State, Regional and National Championships Participation

(1) In order to be eligible to advance to the Far West Regional Championships and US Youth National Championship finals, teams in the U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, and U-18 gender age groups participating in the CRL must participate in a Cal South or Cal North sanctioned competitive league, and also participate in the Cal North State Cup or Cal South State/National Cup competition.
(2) The Far West Regional Championship placements will be determined in a playoff in each of the U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, and U-18 gender age groups. They will represent the CRL in the Far West Regional Championships.
(3) For the National League competition, the top team in each of the U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, and U-18 gender age groups pursuant to 402.2 represent the CRL in the National League.

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