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The California Regional League's (CRL) mission is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams that are members of US Youth Soccer Region IV (Cal North and Cal South) and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players. The CRL offers quality league competition in your area. In addition, teams vie for the chance to earn spots into the Region IV Far West Regionals and US Youth Soccer National League as part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.


Any team looking to participate in the CRL must understand the level of commitment it takes to participate in a League that stretches across the State of California. All teams must understand that this is a Regional League and that teams may travel hundreds of miles to participate in CRL games. The determination of game sites is based in part due to home location of teams within a division as well as field availability. Teams understand that they may not play any home games. A limited number of teams are accepted. Team competition in a CRL Play-In Tournament determines qualification for participation in the CRL. The level of competition surpasses any youth team competition within a team's State Association. Teams will be competing against the best US Youth Soccer affiliated teams from across the State Associations territory. 

CRL rules allow teams to use up to 22 players during the course of a season. Teams may use up to five (5) club pass players per game. There should be no reason why a team cannot field a team to play in a scheduled match as teams have the ability to use 22 players plus club pass players during a season. There is no greater disservice to your opponents than to participate in a weekend of CRL games with minimal number of players. Teams expect opponents to field competitive teams, as the expense for participation is great due to travel demands. Teams that do not fulfill their commitment to play CRL games are subject to discipline.


Age groups for the seasonal year that begins
January 1st to December 31st of the birth year

U19/20 Players born 1997, 1998 and younger

U-15 Players born 2002 and younger

U-18 Players born 1999 and younger

U-14 Players born 2003 and younger

U-17 Players born 2000 and younger

U-13 Players born 2004 and younger

U-16 Players born 2001 and younger

U-12 Players born 2005 and younger  



 •  Cal South At Large Play-In

- Youngers U12-U13 Play-In team applications have a April 15, 2016 deadline.

- Olders U14-U18 Play-In team applications have a June 15, 2016 deadline.

- At Large Play-In teams must pay $595 (non-refundable) at time of registration. If you are not accepted into the Play-In, your team will receive a refund.

- Youngers U12-U13 Play-In will be played at the SilverLakes Soccer Complex, San Bernardino Soccer Complex and other facilities as needed. 

- Olders U14-U18 Play-In will be played at the SilverLakes Soccer Complex, San Bernardino Soccer Complex and other facilities as needed.

- Other locations may be used depending on the number of teams accepted.

- Play-In Entry - athletic trainer, & field costs.

- Teams qualifying for CRL league play must pay full league entry fee of $1,795.


The California Regional League is an Invitational League. If your team was not invited, but would like the opportunity to participate in the 2016-2017 CRL season, please follow the Play-in Tournament registration process to register. The CRL selection committee’s decision to accept or decline a team for the CRL Play-In is final. There is no appeal process as the CRL is an invitational league.

Approval process for the CRL: The CRL Commission will make a recommendation to the CRL Commissioner for the final selection and placement of all teams. Accepted teams shall be notified via website posting or an e-mail regarding their acceptance.


E-mail is the primary means of communication within the CRL. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that accurate contact information is on file with the CRL. Contact information for teams is obtained from the Affinity online registration system through Cal South.


The three-man system shall be used for all games. Team will be responsible for referee fees for CRL league play.


2005 $50/team
2004 $50/team
2003 $59/team
2002 $68/team
2001 $68/team
2000 $88/team
1999 $88/team
98/97 $88/team


Teams may utilize 5 club pass players during the course of a season year in accordance with Team Roster and Team Club Pass Player Roster rules. A maximum 22-player Team Roster (except for U12 which is 18-player Team Roster) with a "floating" Team Club Pass Roster shall be utilized in all age groups. Club Pass players may only come from within a team’s club (age appropriate), provided that the player is properly registered with Cal South and US Youth Soccer. See CRL Rules and the CRL Team Roster and Player Guide for further information.


It is mandatory that all competitive coaches have an “E” coaching license to be in the coaching box.


All competitions in every age group shall be round robin in nature. There may be end of season playoffs to determine Regional Wild Cards or teams that earn league retention. Based on the number of teams placed into age divisions, teams may play up to a total of 11 CRL games during the course of the Season. Please be aware of the number of games that teams will be required to play. CRL teams are required to fulfill their commitment by playing out their entire CRL schedule of games. The CRL Commission shall determine the penalty for failure to fulfill a team's schedule.


CRL Hosting-CRL hosts games at a multiple field locations. There are no field costs to the teams for playing matches at CRL hosted weekend sites. Facility parking fees may apply.

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